Launch a project

Our Approach

Strategy & Planning

Let’s be honest, creating a great digital product is challenging. To build a product that lasts, we work side-by-side with you to refine vision and prioritize features. We listen and ask questions to learn what your goals are and how to approach them. We study your brand in the context of your industry and get to know your customers.

We also examine your main rivals with their strengths and weaknesses and see how your brand compares.

At the end of the Strategy & Planning Stage, all of us will have a clear picture of where we’re heading to and how we’re going to get there.

Smart solutions create exceptional results.

User Experience Design

In today’s competitive market, your website should be either perfect or it will fall behind. We know there is more to the perfect design than colors, typography, layout and graphics — the classic elements of visual design (though they play an important role in the whole impact a digital product has on users).

Pixel-perfect mockups and User Experience elements are just one component of a well-designed product. Creativity and inspiration are the other side of the equation. When designing we see every product touch point as an opportunity to surprise, delight and deliver benefits to users.

Our human-centered approach fuels the creation of websites that resonate deeply with the audience and ultimately drive engagement and growth.

But that’s still not enough to be perfect. With traffic shifting towards mobile, we adjust every project to perfectly fit every device your customers might use.

Clear vision and imagination used to achieve perfection


At this stage it all comes together. This is the actual “making” and involves putting everything that has been discovered and planned in the previous stage together into a tangible product.

Prototypes are built. Sites gradually come to life. Strategies are implemented and campaigns are executed. Thanks to the work of user experience designers, user interface designers, visual designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, programmers, CMS architects, content writers, SEO consultants and more.

For us, this is the most intensive and collaborative phase. For our clients, this is the funny part. The tough decisions have already been made and now they review, give feedback, approve until every color, every image and every piece of content is set to give the users an amazing experience.

Code changes lives.

User Feedback, Testing & Launch

When working at breakneck speeds with tight deadlines, taking time out to gather user feedback is often perceived as a luxury that can be easily postponed. But there’s no substitute for the wisdom and insights that can come from it. And we don’t wait for fully realized designs because rough prototypes often spark richer conversations.

When getting into testing, everything is thoroughly covered and tested – multiple browsers, operating systems, devices and connection speeds. Nothing is neglected, because we have to set the stage for a smooth launch.

And finally here we are – on the verge of the most exciting moment. The moment of truth. The launch of the product.

Previewing and perfecting before debuting

Measure & Improve

In times when the world is shaping in front of our eyes in real time (perhaps much faster than we realize), there is no time to rest. Launching a project is just the beginning of a long journey of tweaking and improving, crafting new digital campaigns that further connects customers to brands.

We never sit back and just admire our creation. It is our job to constantly looking for ways to make things better. Actively review KPIs and metrics. Measure, test and compare. If something’s not performing as expected, we tweak it. If it’s not working at all, we drop it. If it far exceeds expectations, we repeat it.

That’s what digital marketing’s all about. Continuous progress. Constant move forward. This is how we attain amazing results, attract new clients, drive repeated buying behavior, and realize the full potential of your brand.

Connecting products and people